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We are some of the Christian Churches in Tywyn & surrounding areas who want

to make ourselves known to anyone who is interested in worshipping God with us,

meeting with fellow Christians or in knowing more about Christianity.


We meet in our own church buildings & worship according to our own styles of worship & traditions,

but we also periodically meet together at particular times & for particular purposes.

To find out about individual church's location & meetings click here

Where we meet.

To find out more about joint meetings & events click here

Joint Events.




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Dysynni View


We hope that you enjoy & appreciate the beauty & majesty of Godís

creation when you are visiting this area.

  We are here to serve you in any way that we can. If you wish to worship God

with us please do so. The services & some other meetings are indicated

against each church listed in where we meet.

Please donít be afraid to introduce yourself to us so that we can welcome

you properly. In the holiday season we get many holidaymakers

so you may be surrounded by many other visitors!


  If you have any prayer requests please donít hesitate to let us know,

through the contacts listed.